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So my car is going to cost 2700 dollars to replace the motor since the initial diagnosis of timing chains was deemed more critical. It looks like i am in the market for a good used car. If anyone knows anyone selling, send the info my way please. In a perfect world i will find a car i can fit in comfortably with relatively low mileage. I have always driven domestic sedans but i think i may have to migrate to a japanese car like a toyota, nissan, etc. Right now my most important factor in choosing a car is dependability.
I really liked my Intrepid and am gonna miss it, its a good car. . .or was. There is still the possibility that i am getting flim flammed by this garage so i am going to have the car towed to my uncles garage in Natick and see if its at all salvagable. The problem is that the more time i wait for another diagnosis there longer i am without a car.
Kelly has been a trooper letting me borrow her car and giving me rides and i have learned the bus isn't as bad as i thought it would be. But it can't last forever and plus my second job is late night and in Boylston so i have to find another way to get to the warehouse.
On another note if anyone knows of someone selling a good bike i would be up for taking a look at that as well, it beats walking.


Worcester's new public transportation slogan: The bus- not as bad as you might think!
Brilliant! I'm calling City Hall right now.
Then I'd have to file a truth in advertising suit.
I believe the word "might" covers us from potential lawsuits. You might think that the bus contains a fire-breathing dragon, the drivers are actually brain-eating zombies, or that the seats are coverd in ebola. I can attest that none of these things are actually true.
I don't know, the seats might actually be covered in ebola. I never ran that test.
And the drivers might be brain-eating zombies. They often seem to be lacking brains of their own.
anitra has a hybrid bike that we might not be needing any more. Her height is in her legs, so even though you're taller than her, it might fit you.

I think she's looking for a couple hundred bucks for it, it was $400 new and probably has around 100 miles on it.

Happy to do it, hon.