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I have a friend who skates for Providence roller derby and i have not gone to see her once all season long because i have been so busy. Well I am remedying that tomorrow night and i want you all to join me cause roller derby is frickin awesome!
So to all my Worcester peeps and even those beyond if anyone is free I implore you to shoot down with Kelly and I for a great nights of bumps, bruises and hot women in short skirts on wheels!


I would love to, but I'm going to be in Albany.
what are you doing in Albany?
Hi Liz!!

I'm visiting my friend Missy.
I'm _so_ in. I was all set to not go because nobody else wanted to go, but now, well, foo to the naysayers. What time do I have to be in Woo-town to get in or run the carpool?
We're probably going to head out at 7. Can you make it here by then?
Yes, that should not be a problem.
mai tais and thigh highs.


i am curious, but can't make it. i will however have a mai tai to celebrate the occasion. i'll be at a tiki pool party.
Thanks for coming down. Too bad I didn't get to hang with you guys. But I got to hang/work with Sexy Red Rooster, so hah!

And I got to sling popcorn and cupcakes. also fun.