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I have a friend who skates for Providence roller derby and i have not gone to see her once all season long because i have been so busy. Well I am remedying that tomorrow night and i want you all to join me cause roller derby is frickin awesome!
So to all my Worcester peeps and even those beyond if anyone is free I implore you to shoot down with Kelly and I for a great nights of bumps, bruises and hot women in short skirts on wheels!


I would love to, but I'm going to be in Albany.
what are you doing in Albany?
Hi Liz!!

I'm visiting my friend Missy.
We're probably going to head out at 7. Can you make it here by then?
mai tais and thigh highs.


i am curious, but can't make it. i will however have a mai tai to celebrate the occasion. i'll be at a tiki pool party.
Thanks for coming down. Too bad I didn't get to hang with you guys. But I got to hang/work with Sexy Red Rooster, so hah!

And I got to sling popcorn and cupcakes. also fun.