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The Power of Radio compels You!!!!

So after waking up at an ungodly hour this AM (7:52) I sluggishly bounded out the door of Kellys apt so i could go home and try and find clean clothes. My washing machine is on the fritz and i cannot call my landlady to fix it till i do all my dishes since she is a neat freak, and will take my head off for having dirty dishes in the sink and lecture me for an hour on mice and bugs.
But i digress.
So I head off in my car and my radio dial is set to 93.7 MIKE FM. I am not ashamed that i listen to this station you can actually hear some really fun music combination's from time to time . . .
like today. So what pops up but the unmistakable drum beat to Twisted Sister's "Were not Gonna Take it" So of course I crank the dial and growl along to this timeless 80's rebellion classic. What a great way to start the morning. (If anyone is unaware of 93.7's play list, it's totally random like an I POD shuffle all the time.) So what comes on directly after TS? That's right, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch "Good Vibrations" Not one but two musical guilty pleasures in a row first thing in the AM. Chad is a happy boy.


I hate you so bad that 7:52 is "ungodly" :o) I'm usually at work in Boston by then.
Then you really don't want to know that I went back to sleep for another hour after he left.
Really, I've already been at work for a half hour at that point on most days. yeesh.

Though it's definitely been too long since I've heard Marky Mark on the radio. That might be a good thing...