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Taco Grande

For any and all who do not yet know today is my 32nd b-day and to celebrate, myself and a few (15-20) friends are hitting up Jose Murphy's in Worcester for 10 cent tacos tonight. They have great alternatives for non taco fans and for any veggie friendly fans there is always the standby cheese quesadilla. We will be congregating around 6:30 - 7pmish there will be much food and some drinking as well. Stage two will commence at Kelly's for cake and if anyone is up for round three i was thinking of some pool but thats totally up in the air at this point. I know most people live far away and its a weekday so thats why i don't expect people to come from afar but i thought i would post it here anyway just in case any last minute stragglers had not yet heard.

To all my friends who i have not seen in awhile i miss you terribly and as soon as i get a car . . .(oh yeah most of you don't know about that. My car died about a month back and has been turned into scrap metal and i am in the market for a used car as we speak/ type)
so as soon as i get a car i am making a more concentrated effort to go see my peeps.
ok enough jibber jabber for now
hopefully see you all tonight
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