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cathartist's Journal

15 September 1976
I am a mediaphile. I am also king of the geeks. I work at a comic book store and a Renaissance Faire for the time being. I live on aicn, newsarama and apple.com/trailers. But it's ok, i have kissed a girl b4 ". . . you there, have you ever . . .KISSED A GIRL?" -Shat
I enjoy movies, comic books, music and the occasional video game but i will never really understand gamers of the rpg variety. Just like i will never really understand neo-conservative ultra christian conservatives. But hey, whatever floats your boat, or sinks your ship.
3eb, ac/dc, actin' a fool, alan moore, american gods, art, atmosphere, barry ween, beck, better than ezra, big fish, bkv, blessed union, blink, blood of heroes, bloodhound, blues traveler, bob noberini, bon jovi, bowling for columbine, bprd, buck 65, cake, clerks, clive owen, clue, comic books, concrete, creedence, dawn, digital underground, documentaries, empire records, eternal sunshine, eve 6, everclear, ex-machina, ford fairlane, frank miller, gnr, gorillaz, gotham central, grindhouse, harry chapin, hellboy, heroes, high fidelity, hot fuzz, ice pirates, in a fix, indy cinema, jim mahfood, john cusack, judd winnick, kevin smith, kid rock, labrynth, life aquatic, live, lone wolf, lost, mage, mallrats, manson, marc cohn, marvin lee aday, matt wagner, mean guns, meatloaf, melissa ethridge, mellencamp, meredith brooks, metallica, michael moore, mike mignola, my ishmael, mythbusters, neil gaiman, non-prophets, offspring, op ivy, p. craig russel, pat benetar, pedro and me, poetry, poison, pool, poolhall junkies, prince, princess bride, promethea, pushmonkey, rad, rage, rancid, reel big fish, robert rodriguez, rollerbabies, run-dmc, sage francis, satriani, scrabble, showdown in little tokyo, sin city, sol.illaquists of sound, song of lioness, soul asylum, spacehog, spirited away, split second, sponge, superbad, taking random pictures, teenager from mars, the boss, the claw machine, the crue, the d, the long halloween, the professional, the story of b, the stuff, the who, the wraith, tmbg, tom cochrane, tonic, werid al, y/last man, zepplin